Who am I? Shontya' Washington. A Wife. A Mother. A Community Advocate.
First, and foremost, I am blessed to be a child of God, to be called "Wife" by Brian Sr. and "Mom" to Brian Jr., Braxton, and Janai. I am a family-oriented person and I believe in the Golden Rule of treating others in the same manner that I want to be treated. I am a lover of books and the performing arts. My heart is for the Lord and making sure that His creations are able to see, and embrace, their similarities and differences.

Why am I qualified?
I am a very logical person and think of things in terms of "if..then..else". This way of thinking allowed me to major in Integrated Science and Technology, minor in Computer Science, receive a Bachelor of Science from James Madison University, and to have a career as a Software and Systems Engineer. Even as a youth, I have always been a part of community efforts. I am a former Girl Scout and began volunteering long before I was out of high school, and I am still a regular volunteer in church and within the public school system. Prior to COVID, I was actively in the classroom with students and enjoyed building future leaders as a team manager for a number of Destination Imagination teams. I currently sit on the Frederick County School Board, as the elected member for the Red Bud District. I serve on several committees, and currently preside as chairman of the Mountain Vista Governor's School. I am a strong advocate for students and teachers, but my interest in community stretches beyond the school system. I am a 2019 Graduate of the Chamber's Community Leadership Program (CLP) and being a part of that program truly opened my eyes up to the needs of Frederick County. For the past year, I have been leading discussions based on racial reconciliation during a weekly prayer call that involves several churches within the Northern Virginia area and beyond. These calls are based on building relationships and listening to others that may from differ you, whether in thought, generation, gender, or ethnic background. Being so entrenched in this work, I believe that I can help in building and strengthing relationships between the Board of Supervisors and other entities in the community.

What needs to happen locally?
I believe that we need to have a stronger business revenue coming into our county. I believe that we need to make sure that we are paying attention to our Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed (ALICE) families. I believe that our Sheriff's Office should not have to wait years to get proper radio equipment and that our Fire & Rescue Department shouldn't have to hope that funding will be available for equipment. These people protect, serve, and save our lives, we should listen to what is needed. I believe in making sure that the future of Frederick County, the children, have what they need to ensure a future for themselves and for a stronger community. I believe that you should consider me for the Board of Supervisors Red Bud seat.